This year we are pleased to announce that we will be putting 3 of our guys forward. They have been training really hard for this. Wishing them all the best and a successful day. Thanks to all the supporters coming to watch.

DAVE WRIGHT: I.C.O. BRITISH AND EUROPEAN CHAMPION. Dave has actually fought previous winners of ringmasters for his titles and won so although we know it's not Muay Thai and being tournament rules things will be a little different we also know that dave holds some serious venom and will be there for the win!

CHARLOTTE KIRWAN: Has come along way very fast from moving into the fight scene very soon after she began training. She's a tough cookie and eager to get in there and work. With a few fights under her belt now she should do herself proud if she picks up a pace and keeps a cool lid on it. Charlotte will go forward guns blazing I'm sure :)

PAULA CASE: With her relentless style and focus, fitness and seriousness she puts into her training you can guarantee she won't give an inch. She has a busy work rate and hits hard with good technique. Shes only had one fight to date which was a win on stoppage TKO.

All in all we have 3 great spirited guys n gals on and from the behalf of everyone at Thaiworks and the Gladiator academy we wish you all a great day full of experience..... And of course a RINGMASTER BELT WOULD BE A GRRRREAT ACHIEVEMENT AS WELL..... ITS THE TAKING PART AND JUST BEING PART OF IT THAT COUNTS THE MOST THOUGH. CHOKE DEE X