About Thai Works Gym

trainingAt Thaiworks gym we aim to provide students with authentic Muay Thai training. We are a friendly gym and cater for everyones needs from students that train to simply keep fit, to students that fight at amature and professional level. If our students leave the gym feeling like they have had a good work out and are enjoying the training given, then that is more than enough to satisfy us that the training is good, and that we run a progressive and structured gym. Thaiworks does exactly what it says on the tin, We specialise in Muay Thai and dont miss out the important ingredients that make it Muay Thai, we aim to promote the sport in the right ways. Muay Thai has so much to offer anyone that practises in it, it can offer you so much if you let it into your blood!

Males and Femaless are all welcome to train with us. Simply come along to a beginners class. We understand that everybody is different and we never expect students to do what their bodies wont allow them to do, or anything that they are not comfortable doing. All we ask is for everyone to try and be the best they possibly can during class, to ensure maximum gains in progress are achieved.

We value all that train with us equally... Fighters are not anymore important to us than students that train for fun and fitness, although we do expect our fighters to conduct themselves well and set a good example to others.

We do of course have to look after our fighters in a different way, as the training they do is different to those that train for fun and fitness. The training to become a fighter is more grueling, there's more contact and there's more hands on, realistic training. So its not that we favour our fighters more its simply that we have to get them ready as it would be wrong for us to just let them fight in a show without making sure they are ready and prepared as we dont want blood on our hands... we want trophies in them instead! We care about our fighters and will only let fighters fight when they are ready and as prepared as possible. It is Important to have fighters in a gym as they provide the gym with knowledge and are role models to others, as they can be watched and studied by everyone to get technique perfect, and so on.

Very few people step through the ropes to fight for real in comparison to those that train for fun and fitness. Fighters are a breed of person and should always be looked on as important members of the team by everyone. They are the ones that keep it real, and us as a gym in touch with the actual Ring sport side of Muay Thai which at the end of the day is what its ultimately all about. There are great students in every club that could make great fighters as they have the tools to do so but simply dont want to fight for one reason or another which is all good. Thats why I say fighters are a breed of person. Especially the ones that do it over and over again! The dedication is massive in a fighter. It doesnt make them more special or better than anyone else... it simply means they should be given the recognition for their hard commitment and support they give to the gym when they fight. At the same time all fighters must return the same values back to everyone and be humble... not arrogant. I'm proud to say at Thaiworks the atmosphere is a good one. Proper training, Proper values and good proper Muay Thai. Our fight records and achievements over the past are proof that Thaiworks..'Works'.

Many people are starting to realize that rather than paying a normal gym membership and doing an hour on the cross-trainer, it is actually alot more fun and beneficial to meet people, learn something and gain a hobby. There is no machine in a gym that can work you like a boxing.kick boxing... or Muay Thai boxing gym can work you!

A few simple rules at Thaiworks... we wont tolerate bully like behavior in, or out the of gym. Muay Thai is potentially a lethal art and we will throw any students out that use Muay Thai in the streets, for anything less than a law abiding self defense reason.

We run a friendly...non intimidating gym and encourage nothing but friendship within our four walls.

Hope to see you at a beginners class soon!